Your warranty shipment must include the original magazine ONLY if it is causing issues during use. Please do not include slings, telescopic or holographic sights or any other accessories with the firearm being shipped to the factory for service. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for loss or damage caused to your accessories. Please note, any non-factory alterations or modifications may at our sole discretion void all warranty privileges.  

Describe in detail the trouble you are experiencing with your firearm, or the work you wish to have done. Merely stating that the firearm “needs repair” is inadequate information. Custom Gunsmith service or alterations are NOT AVAILABLE from M+M Inc. Products Service Department.   A copy of your photo ID and purchase receipt must be sent back along with this form before a shipping label will be issued to you. FFL dealers please include a copy of your FFL in lieu of a photo ID. You may return this completed form along with the above-mentioned paperwork to or fax it to 888-236-2619.      

By signing this form, you agree to the terms above.

download  Download Warranty Service Request Return Form